About me

Hello, digital wanderers, and welcome to my corner of the tech universe—HugBytes. I’m Nathan, here to share my journey, insights, and musings on everything tech. But who am I beyond the bytes and bits? Let’s dive into the story.

My tech adventure began at the ripe age of 15, when I built my first computer from scratch. It was more than just assembling parts; it was like putting together pieces of a puzzle, each component unlocking a new level of understanding and fascination with technology. This milestone wasn’t just about the thrill of creation; it ignited a lifelong passion for exploring the depths of how technology can shape our world.

Growing up, LAN parties were the highlight of my weekends, a sacred ritual where friends and I would connect our rigs, share our latest mods, and dive into gaming marathons that stretched into the wee hours of the morning. Those nights weren’t just about gaming; they were my first foray into community, collaboration, and the sheer joy of sharing tech experiences.

Aside from tech, I’ve studied Japanese since I was a freshman in High School. My studies continued through college where I partook in a study aboard program in Nagasaki, Japan. After living one year in Nagasaki, I wanted more (culture and food), so I continued my studies and obtained a double major in Japanese in Linguistics before graduating from University in 2014. Immediately after graduating, I achieved a life long goal of mine to participate on the JET program. The JET program is the largest English teaching program in Japan and is sponsored by the Japanese government. From 2014 to 2017 I taught English on the Goto islands of Nagasaki prefecture.

My love for coffee and traveling has fueled my journey, providing comfort in familiar rituals and the excitement of new experiences. Although I’m not a fan of flying—yes, despite my love for technology, airplanes and I have a complicated relationship—I’ve never let it dampen my spirit of adventure. There’s always a new destination, a new culture to explore, and new tech landscapes to navigate.

Today, I’m channeling my diverse experiences and passion into my role as an IT specialist for a startup. It’s a thrilling ride, filled with challenges and opportunities to innovate. Every day is a chance to solve puzzles, much like building my first computer, but now with the stakes higher and the impact broader.

Through HugBytes, I aim to share this journey with you. From the latest in tech trends to the timeless tales of a tech enthusiast navigating the world, I hope to create a space where curiosity meets knowledge, and stories inspire action.

So, whether you’re here for the tech insights, the travel tales, or just to share a virtual cup of coffee, welcome. Let’s embark on this digital odyssey together, exploring the vast, interconnected world of technology, one byte at a time.

picture of me, Nathan